Marine Boiler Repairs

The following photos and notes detail a marine ‘scotch type’ boiler that we repaired recently. The boiler is out of a large, 85′, Thames steam launch dating from 1905. This boiler was a later addition which runs a lovely triple expansion engine.

These photo show the boiler with part of the outer wrapper removed. This exposed the firetube and combusion chamber. The stay and standard tubes were all removed. The inner and outer was cleaned to enable a good inspection. The firetube was also removed.

The radii were all independently NDT inspected. This is a process that shows up any plate flaws and cracking.

It was decided that a segment of the combusion chamber and a segment of the outer would need to be replaced. These photos show the new welded seam firetube, with hot pressed repair patch being ‘sized up’. And then the repair patch having been fitted and welded in place, with new combusion chamber wrapper plate.

The new firetube was fitted.

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